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Sunday, June 10, 2012

The ultimate price comparison with

Hotels-Seeker is a hotel comparison service that was launched in March 2012. The service features search and comparison of hotels all over the world in real time. We compare the prices of more than 100 of the leading websites in the world (including,,, and many more) and allow you to find the lowest prices on a date of your choice. The search and comparison is performed in real time, so that if the prices get updated just a few minutes ago, you'll still get the lower price.
Since we're fed of the information that arrives from all the leading hotel websites in the world, we practically hold the largest hotel database currently available (it features over 250,000 hotels worldwide). This amount of hotels grants anyone the option of finding a hotel that's appropriate for him in all aspects (price, quality, location, etc.). This is a significant advantage compared to ordering hotel reservations from shady travel agencies that usually hold a small hotel database, and allow choosing only from within.
In addition to the hotel price comparison service, we present them with full information, including images and opinions of people who were there, and ranked them close to the time of their visit. The guest reviews come from all sites we compare (that's why the number of opinions is much higher than in any of the other websites), and are weighted together to ensure the highest level of reliability.
The possibility of booking hotels online in recent years has brought about a real revolution on both the comfort level and prices, which are in many cases cheaper than in the hotels or travel agencies themselves. The ability to make a real time comparison represents another leap forward in giving the customer the ability to find the hotel that he wants at the best price available on the market.

The advantages of international price comparison

  1. A much larger supply – In London, for instance, we a comparison of about 1400 hotels, in each of them there are several types of rooms. An average local travel agency offers roughly 50 hotels in London, and a price comparison website based on local travel agencies will find it difficult to offer more than 200 options. The meaning of this supply is a more intelligent choice of accommodation.
  2. Better prices – We believe that no tourist website, not even the greatest in the world, can offer the best prices all the time. The use of our comparison with a sample of hotels or flights will prove this point for the most competitive websites such as and Easy Jet as well. While sole suppliers can't claim having the best prices, automatic search tools such as ours are able to display the best deals in most cases, sometimes in a probability of 95-98%.
  3. Availability and reliability of the highest standards – Whether it's payment security, reliability, promises or promotional product authenticity, business standards of the world's largest travel sites are usually higher than the standards of the smaller operators. 

The disadvantages of international price comparison

  1. Lack of service in Hebrew, and service in general – Websites of airlines such as Low Cost, for example, are proud of the fact that there is no use of personal service when ordering from them, while the World Wide Web is full of disgruntled passengers who think personal service is necessary. In hotel and car rental websites a much more open approach is taken, but you will still find it difficult to get service in Hebrew, and sometimes part of the reservation process will be in English.
  2. The need in payment using an international credit card – In rare cases the websites will also support payment via PayPal, and it should be noted that in the El-Al site is one of the first airlines to do so. In general, most websites require an international credit card. Local credit cards, bank transactions and checks are not valid payment options in most cases.
  3. The absence of deals/packages/last minute discounts – Even when they do exist, they are displayed within the regular result index, and are not highlighted as special deals. In the long range, this transparency helps the customer, yet having to assemble the package of flight and hotel may raise the costs.
  4. Our comparison doesn't include the charter flights in Israel – While we are the first to present low-cost flights to and from Israel, we are not currently including the charter flights, and sometimes these flights can be the most lucrative.

Should you book hotels through websites abroad?
The answer is an unequivocal yes. These sites offer much better prices than the hotels and travel agents themselves. Sometimes you can find real opportunities in the form of promotions and discounts that can reach tens of percent of the regular price.

Are there significant price differences between different websites?
Surprisingly yes. When a hotel decides to make a special deal, it's usually made with a single factor. The situation in which a particular hotel is listed on a significantly lower price than in other sites is quite common.

Can I change or cancel an order I made?
All the sites we work with are serious sites with an organized customer service that allows making changes to orders. Moreover, most of the booking conditions on these sites are much more flexible than in the travel agencies, and other than the ability to cancel or change an order, they offer a price promise, so if the price dropped before you get to the hotel - one can enjoy the discounted price. In any case, we suggest checking the booking conditions (You might be charged a cancellation fee).

How can I view an order I made?
At the end of the ordering process we will send you an email from the site in which the order was made. The email will contain a voucher which you'll need to present upon arrival, and instructions on how to enter your personal account for viewing, changing or canceling a reservation.

Can I order directly from Hotels-Seeker?
Unfortunately the answer is no. Hotels-Seeker is not a hotel booking system, but a comparison system that compares hotel websites worldwide. You'll have to make your order in one of the websites themselves after searching and comparing with Hotels-Seeker.

Can I order by phone?
Yes. After finding the hotel and the most appropriate service provider through Hotels-seeker, you'll be taken to the hotel page on the relevant website, where you'll find customer service information for placing an order by phone.

Can I book hotels in my own country?
Yes. Many tourists, who come from abroad and order from international websites, usually pay significantly less than the local people ordering the same hotels in the country. However, it's important to notice that in some of the websites, the displayed prices don't include tax, and it's added during the ordering process. Therefore, it's recommended to check the final price including tax and compare it to prices offered in the country.

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